February 10

World Cup Cocktails: Kick-off with Caipirinha & Co.


Brazil’s best World Cup cocktails.

This summer, Brazil invites soccer fans worldwide to attend the 20th World Cup starting June 12. For 31 days, everything will revolve around the round leather. But emotional celebrations will not only take place in the stadiums. Millions of soccer fans around the globe will also celebrate World Cup parties. The proper cocktails are essential for the right mood.

Caipirinha is probably the best-known cocktail, which, together with the Brazilian cachaca, is known and enjoyed in all bars. The original Brazilian Caipirinha is shaken with white refined cane sugar, ripe limes, and the appropriate Cachaça on ice cubes. The Caipirinha Mangaroca thus sparks a taste experience that combines all the emotions of Brazil.

Those who prefer a fruity version can enjoy delicious fruit mix cocktails such as the Papayarinha, which always combines an exotic fruit such as papaya, mango, or passion fruit with lime juice and cachaca.

But in Brazil, people also like to drink so-called vitamins throughout the day. A mixture of fruit, milk, optionally oatmeal, and Batida de Côco. The high-fiber variant Vitamina de Abcate, mixed with ripe avocados, is trendy here.

But one of the latest trends in South American bars is to add a Brazilian twist to classic recipes. This is how a fine Brazilian Old Fashioned is easily created with a bit of chocolate syrup.

With these drinks, every soccer game becomes a Brazilian celebration.

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