February 8

Vodka vs. Gin – the cocktails in comparison


Gin and vodka cocktails in comparison

The ring is open: Vodka vs. Gin. Which of the two spirits will heavyweights win? The pure, clear one or the spicy fine one? An exciting fight. Fans on both sides are jittery – and we start the comparison. Plus: The best gin and vodka cocktail recipes.

For James Bond, the matter is clear: He drinks his martini with vodka – and with gin. So beautifully combined, the two heavyweights make a delicious drink.

However, most of the time, gin and vodka fight over which of the two is king in the spirits ring. The pure clear or the spicy fine? We pit them against each other under fair conditions in four rounds: History, production, culture, and special features. Who comes out on top, who gets knocked out? The comparison!

Plus: The best recipes with two stars.

Round 1: History

Gin was developed in Holland as a remedy for kidney ailments. However, it didn’t achieve worldwide fame until the Battle of Genever. “The Dutch Courage” is what the English called it when the Dutch ran into battle regardless of casualties. Their explanation for the daring: the gin that the warriors drank.

Where the vodka was born is unclear. Both the Poles and the Russians claim its invention. However, what is certain is that it is said to have healing powers as a medicine for external use – and, of course, that it is one of the most popular spirits in the world.

Round 2: Production

It’s the perfect balance of botanical extracts that gives the grain-derived alcohol its unmistakable gin aroma. So it all comes down to the blend of juniper berries, coriander, angelica, violet root, and many other ingredients.

Vodka has always been distilled from various sugary raw materials. Grain, potatoes, but also molasses. However, it only acquires its characteristic clarity through multiple distillation and filtering.

Round 3: Culture

When a tax was levied on cognac in England in the 17th century, many Britons switched to gin – helping it to become a popular spirit. Gin consumption rose so sharply that 20 years later, taxes on gin were also raised. The little people could no longer afford gin, but high society tasted it and elevated the spirit to a fashionable drink.

Vodka has deep roots in the people of Eastern Europe. Both as one of the largest sources of tax revenue and as a favorite drink at every small and large celebration. Vodka is an integral part of the culture. Nastrovje!

Round 4: Specialties

Gin polarizes: its typical aroma – delicately spicy and slightly sweet – is either hotly loved or loathed.

Vodka is almost tasteless. That’s why it’s so popular in mixed soft drinks or cocktails.

The decision

Vodka or gin? Who is the winner?

The referee says A crystal-clear, spicy draw! Because no matter how the drinks have evolved over the years, what ingredients are used, and who likes to drink what when – both have won a permanent place in every bar. Congratulations to the winners!



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