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Zombie Toronto cocktails for Halloween


Zombie Toronto cocktails for Halloween

Scary, delicious drinks for all the undead

On October 31st, it’s that time again – Halloween is approaching. The American custom, which initially came to the USA through Irish immigrants, has also become a regular event in Europe. The most apparent drink for the Halloween party would, of course, be the Zombie.

However, it is precisely this recipe that “minds” differ. The Zombie can be a very harmonious tiki drink. However, you shouldn’t feel like the undead for days after consuming it.

The drink was invented by Donn Beach (Donn the Beachcomber) in 1934. Donn kept his recipe of the zombie secret for a long time. This has resulted in many competitor recipes that can still be found on the Internet today.

We have provided three of the most common recipes for you: Let’s start with Donn’s original 1934 zombie recipe (we’ve converted American ounces to centiliters, though). Or would you instead shake it according to a recipe from the 70s like the Zombie South Seas Restaurant? Then, of course, you can also try a modern version of the Zombie, based on a recipe from Barschule München.

No matter which Zombie you choose, these drinks won’t send shivers down your spine!


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