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The Best Summer Alcoholic Drinks to Include on Your Menu


The Best Summer Alcoholic Drinks to Include on Your Menu

Summer is here! The start of the season of warm temperatures, bright days, shorts, sandals, and—of course—ice-cold beverages has officially arrived, with June 21st marking the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. What refreshing drinks will your consumers be consuming this season?

It’s an exciting time to change your menu and provide a variety of unique, seasonal drinks for your consumers to try if your company sells alcohol. With beverage trend information from Toronto Alcohol Delivery alcohol shops, continue reading to discover the most OK summer alcoholic cocktails to serve this year.

Local artisanal beer

Craft beer is always a top seller at Liquor Locker in Roseville, California, according to owner Sarb Shoor. Customers “go crazy about” unusual bottles from regional brewers like Moonraker Brewing or Russian River Brewing’s limited-edition Pliny the Elder, which Sarb specializes in obtaining. According to Toronto Alcohol Delivery ordering statistics, craft beers are among the top four types of beer requested for delivery, behind lagers, IPAs, and ales.

Although it takes some work to find these cocktails, by going through comments on local beer forums and coordinating with his distributors to get allocations, Sarb maintains abreast of what people want. Customers love returning to Sarb’s businesses because of his meticulous attention to detail and assurance that there will always be something fresh and intriguing available.

Traditional, approachable beer

Don’t forget to stock up on traditional summer drinks like Budweiser and Coors Light, in addition to specialty artisan brews. These delicious, low ABV beers are ideal for a backyard barbecue since they are simple to consume.

Sara notes that since these beers are so light, more people purchase them throughout the summer. Specific consumers regard light beers as the ideal summertime beverages. Always have a few cases on hand, particularly on weekends when friends gather for barbecues and beachfront picnics.

spiked alcoholic drinks

Spiked beverages in cans, such as seltzers, kombuchas, and pre-mixed cocktails, are another category of the finest summer beverages. This new beverage category, one of the top alcohol trends for 2022, is swiftly gaining popularity since it’s convenient for consumers to take and go. But, of course, the ideal summer mixed drink is one that you don’t need to blend!

Hard kombuchas are again becoming popular, while hard seltzers remain the top choice for Sarb. His best-selling brand is truly seltzer, which comes in various seasonal flavours, including strawberry lemonade and lemon tea.

Ellie Dawson, assistant manager of Yarmo Liquor in St. Paul, Minnesota, explains how this practice is also gaining traction at her establishment this summer. She continues, “We’re offering more ready-made cocktails, including seltzers and mixed drinks.

Like Liquor Locker, Yarmo Liquor always seeks fresh merchandise to stock its shelves. We just introduced this famous mixed drink brand called On the Rocks, and we’ve already consumed a whole case, says Ellie. In addition, the recently released Mountain Dew hard seltzer is something we’re eagerly anticipating.

Everything has a fruit taste.

Fruit tastes are among the best-selling summer alcoholic beverages across all categories. People like anything that reminds them of summer, according to Ellie. She reveals that the most popular tastes are strawberry, mango, and peach, transforming beer, wine, seltzer, and vodka into joyful holiday variations.

Seasonal assortments

Similar to this, Sarb has seen a rise in variety pack orders this summer, which often contain a selection of drinks with fruit flavours. Companies don’t offer all their flavours separately, so customers purchase various packs to sample new tastes they are interested in. The White Claw Iced Tea Variety Pack and the Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Things Party Pack are a few of his best-selling variety packs.

alcohol, both soft and hard

For both Sarb and Ellie, selling alcohol is a top year-round seller. In this category, what is Sarb’s top seller throughout the summer? Vodka, he reveals. We sell out of cases in less than two months, selling it like water. Scotch is a popular seller for Ellie, with Johnnie Walker dominating the market.

Keep these drinks icy throughout the summer so customers can immediately enjoy them by mixing them or drinking them straight from the glass.

all-day rosé

One of the nicest beverages for the summer is delicious, fresh rosé wine. To satisfy all of your clients, stock up on a range of brands. Some love fruity wines, while others want their summer wine to be more on the drier side.

Consider including some distinctive wine-related drinks like Piquette, which utilizes leftover wine-making grape pomace to create a light, refreshing beverage with low alcohol content. Even if it may not be a best seller, it will nonetheless entice lovers of natural wines and those with daring palates.

Specials for holidays and events
  • Sarb and Ellie both emphasized keeping summer events in mind while selecting their inventory for the season and considering the finest summer cocktails to include on their menus. In addition, the following significant holidays should be noted:
  • Stock up on champagne for the adults and non-alcoholic drinks for the kids to celebrate graduations.
  • During June’s Pride Month, highlight queer-owned businesses.
  • Highlight Black-owned businesses with a special weekend promotion in honour of Juneteenth.
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July with a discount on a few red, white, and blue drinks.

Local events: Does your city have summertime festivals, concerts, or special occasions? Make sure you provide summer-themed beverages to keep the celebration going.

  1. On Labor Day, the unofficial “end of summer” offer significant discounts on popular summer items to clear them out.
  2. Also, take into account holidays that may not be as significant to you personally but may to your clients. For example, Ellie notes that Yarmo Liquor makes it a point to adorn their shop and provide discounts for holidays celebrated in Europe so that “everyone may rejoice.” Who doesn’t like a good celebration?
  3. Advice on summertime alcohol delivery
  4. The first step to generating fantastic seasonal sales is stocking your business for the summer. Here’s how to purchase and get summer booze delivered while getting ready for warmer weather. No problem!
  5. Keep beverages ice cold: According to Sarb, “We never send out a single order that isn’t cold.” Nobody likes their beverage to come lukewarm, so keep your orders in a cooler until they are ready to leave your establishment.

Offer alcohol delivery: With increased online alcohol sales, now is an excellent time to consider providing alcohol delivery. Without recruiting or training delivery drivers, a partner like Toronto Alcohol Delivery may help you increase your alcohol sales using the platform that your consumers already know and enjoy. In addition, the Toronto Alcohol Delivery app is quite user-friendly, according to Sarb. Ellie continues, “We’ve acquired a lot of loyal clients thanks to the app.

Spend money on promotions to let people know about your deals! To draw consumers in, consistently update your social media platforms, refresh your store’s décor, and use the Toronto Alcohol Delivery marketing tools.

Are you prepared to increase your summertime alcohol sales by providing the top summertime beverages? Join Toronto Alcohol Delivery now to have booze delivered.


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